Infants 0-3 months

And the day has arrived!!!! A life has moved into your hands from your womb. Though separated from your body but the connection between you two actually begins  from now.

  • How to take care of the baby?
  • How to hold her?
  • How to feed , when to feed?
  • How to make her sleep?
  • Is massaging the baby safe? How frequently can I massage?
  • Can I give bath to her daily?
  • Should I take her for a walk?…….

Yup getting right questions in your mind.

So here you go with few tips…………hope it eases you 🙂

*HOLDING* a new born doesn’t come  naturally to everyone. All you need to keep in mind is the baby should be comfortable. Mommies need to keep your baby on their chest. It can be followed in a sitting posture too. It keeps her feel secured and subsequently you are providing her warmth as well. Its called as skin to skin care

Your one hand must cover her back of the head,the neck and the spine whereas your another must wrap around the bottom of her.This method of holding is considered to be perfect. If you are unable to provide comfort while holding, I’m sure the baby would cry and show discomfort towards you probably from 2nd month onwards.This is for new dads, as moms are blessed with these inborn qualities 🙂

*FEEDING* is the best part of motherhood. Needless to mention that Breastmilk is best for babies till 6 months. Your body has underwent a lot of hormonal changes. Immediate Milk Secretion can be observed in moms with normal delivery whereas it is delayed by a day or two in  C-section moms . Let the baby suck your nipples which helps in fast secretion.The more she sucks the faster is the supply.You’ll probably notice your breasts getting heavier,firmer and fuller.Thats calls for the next feed actually.

Facts about feeding-

  • Put your baby in a comfortable posture (as mentioned above) while feeding.
  • Sitting on a chair with your back straight,keeping a pillow on your lap and the baby being placed on the pillow is a good posture for feeding. Try to keep your baby in a slight slanting position which leads to proper milk flow through oesophagus.
  • NEVER lie down and feed atleast for the first 3 months.
  • Feed every 1.5 hour. Don’t leave the baby unattended if she sleeps for more than 2 hours without feed. Gently wake your baby and help her to get feed. On an average a baby should get 12-15 feeds a day.
  • There’s no hard and fast rule that the baby should drink 20-30ml per feed. Allow your babyto get adjusted to your milk and the feeding process. Usually a baby takes 10-20 ml during her 1st month. I would say no specialist can mention a particular quantity. No one knows your baby better than you. You are the best observer. You need to be vigilant as to when to stop feeding. A baby might take excess of milk due to its yummy taste😀
  • After feed and burping lay down your baby in a slightly slanting position which reduces the chance of baby spitting out milk.
  • Burping is very important after every feed. Every body is different. It might take 10 seconds or 10 min for a baby to burp. Be patient and gentle to let the baby burp. I know , mommy you are tired feeding…you are experiencing backache due to frequent feeds but trust me you are the best. The eternal love towards your baby keeps you going.

How to make a baby burp?

– hold your baby upright in support to your shoulders.

-slowly move your palms from top to bottom at the back of the baby. DON’T PRESS OR PAT ON THE BACK.

# It’s also suggested to wipe your areola and nipples with a used soft cotton cloth immediately before and after every feed for the first few days(may be 8-10 days) to reduce the chance of infection. Also after feed you can gently pat or wipe baby’s lips with wet or dry cloth till you breastfeed your baby. It’s a traditional belief that baby’s lips get dark if not wiped after a feed.

How to make a baby sleep???

Well…… this is not as difficult as it is believed provided the baby is not too cranky 😉 It takes around 35-40 days to get adjusted to a routine.Most of the babies sleep during the day and stay awake during the night. It becomes difficult for a mom to stay awake for 24 hours.You may have to undergo few sleepless nights.Being new to this world she needs your assistance.

Common reasons babies cry-

1.Hunger – I’m sure you can make it out whether they are hungry or not.

2. Feeling unease– This may be caused due to lack of burp. please do follow burping method.

3.Wet diaper or rashes– Here I would like to mention different solutions for rashes in genitals in boys and girls.

if its a baby boy- if you observe rashes below or around  the testicles, then dust that area with an anti bacterial/anti fungal powder prescribed by your doctor. That provides immediate soothing to them.

if its a baby girl – you can apply coconut oil and if it  doesn’t work,then you can go for the same powder mentioned above.

Keeping your baby in diapers for 24 hours continuously can lead to rashes. Give it a break and keep that area open in between. Cloth nappies can be used. It keeps you more attached to your babies also as you get to know how frequently your child is wetting.Keep talking to your baby  during changing nappies.They start responding after few days. Every moment is precious with them. A baby should wet the nappy atleast 10 times a day.I had an experience of 15-20 wettings with  my baby 😀

4. Tummy issues– This is the most common reason for their cry. They may be colic immediately after the feed. Burping may help. If she cries after burp, try to hold baby and walk by keeping your hands in motion on their back from top to bottom. This can be due to over feeding or rarely due to lactose intolerance. Sometimes the tummy is bloated miserably.The tummy looks like full or he might be arching his back or squirming and feeling lot of discomfort. In this case, you can try these-

  1. Lay  your baby on her tummy on your thighs (perpendicular to your legs) with your legs straight. slowly move your hands on her back. This may help her release gas.
  2. Lay your baby on her back and gently bicycle her legs forward and backward by pulling knees towards her chest.
  3. You can give her colic drops. Yeahhhh you need to check with doctor before giving any medicine to your baby.

Doctors aren’t 100% sure about the reasons for baby prone to gas. But I strongly believe that it is usually caused due to maternal intake of food. There’s one study (Journal  of the American Dieteic association, Volume 96, January 1996) found a coorelation between infant colic and maternal intake of gassy vegetables,cow’s milk, onions and chocolate. I stongly believe this but would like to add that every body reacts bit different in respect to digestion. For eg. Egg can cause bloating stomach to one but it can be easily digested by another. I would recommend having limited varieties of food during the first  40 days….

Would get into details about “nursing moms diet” and “lactose intolerance” in my upcoming blogs…..

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