I could recall those moments where I was in dilemna many times regarding the health of a baby being a new mom. Being confident and self assured that I can give my best to my baby, I still had few moments which were terrifying and confusing. But thanks to my parents, grannies and parent in laws who supported and guided me over the phone whenever required.

I believe that there’s no hard and fast rule for raising your baby and her health.Its all about your observation and experience. Beyond elder’s guidance and a doctor’s supervision, there’s something which a mom can only see, understand, empathise and ease a baby at the end.

I bet..nothing can be more beautiful than to see your child smiling. I believe childhood is the happiest and best phase of human life and  a big salute to all parents who always kept their child’s happiness first.

I’m into educational industry. My life revolves around children. After being dealt with different sort of children and parents,  I finally found a platform where I can share my views and indulge into a discussion with you all. Thanks to my husband who didn’t stop forcing me to write.

My blog is oriented towards a mom and kids healthy smile. Views shared in this blog is solely based out of my experience. I’ve tried to be simple and transparent in the content.I would appreciate your feedback, queries or any suggestions. And also would like hear your experiences. Looking forward to seeing your precious thoughts as comments.

Happy Reading!


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